Myanmar – Sketchnote

This is an attempt to explain what is really a complex situation. Using the ABC's 15 minute podcast_- The Signal - I developed this little sketch. This does not give you the full picture, but when it's all so very complicated where to you start. Well... for me I start with bite sized chunks of information. … Continue reading Myanmar – Sketchnote

When the words stay the same and you don’t

My hand is up. Yep, I have bought into the minimalist, sparkjoy movement. I've stripped my home to bear minimum and in the process acquiring 24 large environmentally killing plastic containers to store stuff in. And if I were a youtube video clip, it would be at this point that I would direct you to … Continue reading When the words stay the same and you don’t

Floating to forget

Mother and the Washing Machine

It was an autumn day in Melbourne, with unusually warm weather on the day I walked into the laundry room and saw mum bent over the washing machine - almost inside the barrel. She eventually emerged with what appeared to be the entire load of washing in one big large knot. Not what she had … Continue reading Mother and the Washing Machine

A cooking flow that struggles

I've decided I needed more flow in my life, and what better way to do that than with food. So I thought I'd share with you my cooking flow. Saturday: Make a plan Make a shopping list. Don't check the pantry to see that I already have half the stuff on the list. Go to … Continue reading A cooking flow that struggles

Ms Sulky

This girl I just adored. She was just so beautifully herself. And Yes - she's sulking. Which is why I called her Ms Sulky I hadn't really noticed Ms Sulky fooling around in the pool with (what appeared to be) her younger (and much thinner) sister. At the time I was blissfully content drinking beer … Continue reading Ms Sulky