When the words stay the same and you don’t


My hand is up. Yep, I have bought into the minimalist, sparkjoy movement. I’ve stripped my home to bear minimum and in the process acquiring 24 large environmentally killing plastic containers to store stuff in. And if I were a youtube video clip, it would be at this point that I would direct you to my bookshelf. And there you would find a neatly yet stylish display of books that have sparked my joy.

Not only did this movement create space in my home, it also created space in my head. Enough space for this thought to pop in.

If I were to read these books today, would they still spark joy in me?

And so on that day, I made a promise to myself that I would re-read one of those books.

And that book was The Mastreo by Peter Golsworthy. For an overview of the plot you can read this : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maestro_(novel).

And so I re-read it. At a snails pace, none the less – I read it all. And what did i find?

Some relief. For two reasons. It did spark my joy, and felt good that my

younger self wasn’t completely off target. The second thing was how much I had changed from my younger self. Today I felt a deep connection to the characters where back then I was too shallow or stupid or both to appreciate them and the beautiful story telling. It’s mostly the sad stuff that I’ve experience in the last #$@ years that’s enabled me to connect and empathise more with the characters of this book this time round. And just then I realised that I had grown up a little over the years.

References to music (classical) continued to be lost on me. I imagine there’s a whole little story in those. I’m ok with that. Know my limitations.

So, throw out lots and lots of stuff that you don’t need. Having space is truly liberating. In the process you’ll re-visit your old self. Keep the stuff you loved, your passions even the ones that you think today are really silly. Even the stuff you think you’ve out grown cause they all hold hints to you. Your authentic you. We loose our way sometimes and it all becomes unclear. Just a word of warning. Only just visit the past. It’s never too good to stay there for too long. And get outside of your self. Or just go outside. You don’t wanna be overly concerned with yourself. That’s just sad.


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