believe the stories

Recently I attended Creative Mornings – Melbourne talk given by Karolina Szczur.  Karolina talks about tech industry culture and ethics. She spoke about planing events that are genuinely diverse and accessible. A place where people could feel comfortable and safe.

I was struck by her energy and strong sense of justice when it came to the subject. And a little saddened to hear how nasty it all got. She was met with much hostility in her work within the tech industry. A lot of it quiet nasty (see link at the end of this post).

I couldn’t find the talk when I put this together, but came across and her article Three things you don’t need to become a speaker.  This is by no means a look at your flaws (which is what I expected). No. This is challenging one’s perception of their opportunity to talk. I’ve extracted the bits that resonated with me most.

Industry prominence and visibility

there are so many other voices out there worth hearing — we need to empower and elevate them.

Subject matter expertise

it’s your individual view and takes on the idea what makes it novel and worth hearing.

Previous speaking experience

just because you have never delivered a talk, it doesn’t mean your ideas aren’t worth presenting, or you aren’t capable of executing it flawlessly.

The title of this blog is taken from Karolina’s article A story of a woman in the tech industry


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