Comic Art update

23 Nov 2020 (first)

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Hi all, 

Hope by Dina Theodoropouls

Welcome to the first of my Comic Art regular updates where I will let you know what classes are coming up and share events and resources which may be of interest to a child exploring art and storytelling.

There are currently no comic art classes scheduled. 

Comic Art for kids Video – how to draw scary faces. 
I created this little 2min clip for a Halloween Workshop which I ran as part of Ashburton Community Centre’s – Halloween on High a couple of weeks ago. It provides a very simple overview for creating scary faces. Kids can pause at each step to follow along. 

ONLINE EVENTHistory of Video Games. Hosted by Glen Eira Libraries 
Thur 26 Nov, 6pm-7pm – free

I’m a huge history fan especially when it comes to technology. While I have had no need to explore anything more complex than pac man – I thought it might be good for kids who do enjoy video games to see where it all began. To find out more and to book visit:
**note for ages 14 and up

Featured illustration ‘Hope’ created by me. 
The woman is a slightly more slim and attractive version of me. I’ve taken up gardening during our lockdown. If staring at my seeds and hoping them to grow –  actually worked I’d be surrounded by a jungle. But no… that doesn’t appear to be working. I have produced some herbs and vegetables like lettuce and spinach, but I still manage to consume more than what I grow – and I really don’t eat that much. I created this illustration when participating with Inktober 2020 this year. You can see more of those illustrations on my Instagram account @dina_illustrates. 


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