Comic Art update

16 December 2020

Hi all, 
In so many ways – this felt like a very long year – yet here we are – December with all the seasonal traditions that come with it. 

Make your own Christmas cards – 1 min clip 

Over the last couple of years I’ve created my own Christmas cards. This year I’ve taken to the black pen and hand drew cards for my friends. 
Creating your own Christmas cards is really easy to do. It instantly becomes a gift which is unique to someone you love dearly. If you can draw a triangle then you can create your very own personalised cards in no time at all. 

Comic Art Classes for 2021

Comic classes will run in 2021 – with Comic Art the basics (covers faces, bodies, food and then bringing it all together). Following that class will be Comic Art studio – a less structured class where kids have the option of working on their own projects. Every Saturday 930 am – starts 13 Feb 2021 – please feel free to contact me if you would like more information – details will be listed on Ashburton’s Community Centre Course portal.

Art exhibition –If These Leaves Could Talk by local artist Emily Shannon – @emshannonart – Hawthorn Arts CentreIt’s great for kids – interactive and an opportunity to discover something new about the Boroondara community.
Illustration Featured illustration ‘It’s me and I have gifts’ 
This is from a series of 25 Christmas Cards I have created for family and friends depicting are range of women waving and holding a gift. You can see more of those illustrations on my Instagram account @dina_illustrates. 
Thank you for subscribing and please feel free to pass this on to anyone who might be interested. 

Merry Christmas, keep safe. 




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