Trying to make sense of people and life through art and stories and hoping that in the process we discover there are more similarities than differences between us.

Illustration of a woman leaning forward towards a flower


Worked in the public service for 15 years in administrative & contract management type roles, mostly in Aged Care & Disability. 2000 I studied Community Development. To this day my absolute passion lies in the philosophy and practice of Community Development. 2008 I commence a Diploma in Visual Art and found job in the disability sector that skilled me in the area of graphic design. Today, I have 8 years experience in illustration/drawing and creating accessible documents. I’ve worked with authors and community organisations providing graphic design services, managing web content and social media.

Email: dinaillustration@gmail.com

Updated Dec 2015.

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  1. Dina, I love your “About” page. You remind me somewhat of myself. I became jaded after a while with my career and I’ve always believed that if I don’t believe in something I cannot sell it to another. I’m not a salesperson but I was so intrenched in my job that when other significant life changes happened it was at that point that I had to change my thinking. Since I now have a disability by default I advocate within this community and it is so much more rewarding than what I could posibly imagined.

    1. Yes, life can be so cruel at times, and also reveals such beauty and order. At times I can’t help but wonder if there’s something greater than myself out there. Sadly for me, it took the death of someone I love to give me the courage to just walk away. Grief sends you to that place, where you just don’t care who you offend, your truth is your truth, regardless of what others think. I know in my heart, that if we pursue what we love, then doors will open. What I struggle with is finding the courage to do it.

  2. Aha! I finally found your blog. A detective, I am not! But wow!! An Amazing artist, you definitely ARE. Just signed up to follow you so this wonder can start showing up in my Reader. Lucky me!
    take care,

    1. you are just a delight! I’m always giggling when I read your work, even this comment. your style of writing totally agrees with me. keep writing!!

  3. Great blog! Thanks for following ours as well and for your super kind comments. Love what you are doing here and look forward to following along. Blessings!

  4. Hi Dina! Thank you for visiting and following HoB. Much appreciated!

  5. Hi Dina,
    Thanks for the follow!! Wow, awesome about section, you really poured your heart out. Ironically I too am in the disability sector. I shall definitely follow you and look forward to many great posts (judging by what I
    have already seen) keep up the great work.
    All the best

    1. Thank you Wayne. I just bought myself a camera, and am really impressed by your work. I’m still a little nervous to use it though. It can do so much, and all I know how to do is press the button that takes the photo.

  6. Hello and nice to meet you. Thank you for liking a post. Have fun drawing..:)

  7. I love your “About” and I love your drawings…I guess I love everything about your page! You’re an amazing and talented girl and I’m so glad you visited my blog, which brought me to yours. Thank you! :-)

    1. Hi Judy, love what you did with that link… and congrats for being featured on Freshly Pressed, it was a great piece.

  8. Hi Dina! You are really talented! Love your drawings! Looking forward to follow and see more :)

  9. Hey there Newbie Spikey!
    (for your info, a Spikey is the term for folk who are part of the clan known to be followers of Uncle Spike :)

    Been away for a while, but now I wanted to catch up and say “thank you… I really appreciate your ‘follow’ as I for one, know how many interesting and entertaining blogs are out there.”

    Blogging since June 2013, my aim is to deliver an eclectic offering of posts, from my ‘point n shoot’ attempts at basic photography, to the sharing of my travel adventures over the decades, as well as day to day happenings here on the farm. Oh, plus a few observations, opinions and lighter-hearted stuff thrown in for good measure.

    I normally keep to a couple of posts a day, maybe 3-4 at weekends if I have something special to share. But if you are at a loose end one day, maybe you’ll enjoy trawling through some of my older stuff too. I have added plenty of categories to help in said digging process.

    Thanks again and hope you have a great day…


  10. Hi, Dina,
    First of all thanks for following my blog!
    Dina you are most welcome!
    It is my pleasure to welcome such a simple, sweet, straightforward person; who is creative yet caring, philosopher yet friendly, mature by age yet mild by nature…
    Yes, I do understand, how much It is satisfying to be in the company of like minded souls!
    In fact, like you, I too always in search of like minded souls!
    So, it is my open invitation to all !!!!

  11. In fact, it is not kind words; but true portrait of your overall personality!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks again for creating wonderful blog!

  12. Nice blog, so classic and simple picture, are you use adobe illustrator?

    1. Yes, that’s what I use… I draw than I scan my illustrations then use illustrator to create these images. Thanks for visiting

      1. I like your blog! Mine… Even though I have barely posted this year, I still have close to 2000 posts (of varying quality, haha). Let me know what you think!

    1. Hi Carl, not sure I could say I’m selling my art or making money out if it… but for now, can’t stop making art. It’s like breathing to me.

  13. I have a coffee shop/ gallery downtown Greensboro that will show my Dia de los Muertos art. Some originals 3-D folk art to sell then 6 framed for display only and have prints. My first try.

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