Comic Art for kids


Comic Art is all about making you feel good about what you create. You can choose to follow my step by step instructions, or can just do your own drawings. There’s no fancy materials required, all we need is a black pen and paper to get started.

2020 BRANDING comic art - three kids

I show you how to draw stuff. We draw faces, bodies, food, flowers and a dragon. Each term is different because you have a say in what you want to do. Sometimes I run a themed class – like Comic Art FACES – and we just draw…. faces.

Then you make your own story using the things we just drew. All you need to bring is your imagination.

Parents and carers: I come from the view that knowing how to draw is not a gift nor is it something people are born with.
It requires skills and practice.
A LOT of practice.
Comic art seeks to make that realisation within the child.