for kids

Making art accessibly by:

  • Simplifying and providing instruction.
  • Allowing space for creativity.
  • Keeping materials basic so that they are easy to carry & inexpensive.

Comic Art the basics provides the foundation. Drawing stick figures and introducing kids to proportions and then adding detail, we draw food, and bring all those elements together. Each term is a little different as kids have a say about what they want to do – we try to incoporate that. For example on group wanted to know how to draw dragons.

These are done with pen, orange (reference) and shading. Kids are welcomed to bring their own colour pens in and us that. The world of colour is so complex that it requires a set of lessons on its own which I’m working on.

Comic Art continued provides builds on what we learn, kids continue to have a say in what they learn. These can be quite challenging, but kids are open to it.

The dream is to catch that kids before he or she starts telling themselves that they are no good at drawing.  The part I want’ to chane is “no good at”, I have no desire to make everyone an artist. That desire I cannot control and come from deep within. However that negative self talk blocks from seeing that desire and right there… thats, the battle I’m taking on. Art is not something that people are born with or gifted with, but requires knowledge and practice to aquires. Like ANYTHING in life, whether it be maths, english, music or dance. I see comic art that seeks to stop that thought it it’s traps and to do away with excuses.

Plainly put its a drawing class. This is not about craft, sculpture, painting.

Definition of Art is  the activity of paintingdrawing, and making sculpture

Definition of Comic a magazine or book that contains a set of stories told in pictures with a small amount of writing – taken from here

Children come with their own story.

Comics (get quote from that Marvel book) – is not about the drawing its about the story.

How to photograph your art runs for approx. 8 minutes

How to draw a skeleton from envatotuts+

Color Leap Take a leap through time and see the colours of history.

Advice for Budding Cartoonists by Raina Telgemeir (cartoonist – wrote SMILE and SISTERS)