You’ll learn more about me through these links than my about page. What I’ve listed here either deeply resonates or just makes me laugh, sometimes both.

How to see Colour


Untitled_Artwork 3Colour continues to intrigue me. I could easily (happily) dedicate an entire year to understanding colour. For now – I watched a couple of clips and came up with this little image for reference, which was based on the information contained in the links, How we see colour by Colm Kelleher (4 min) and How Do We See Colour? (4 min)

Poetry for Neanderthals


Poetry for Neanderthals is a game which forces you to simplyfy your words so that others understand you. It looks like a LOT of fun – I’ll update this after I’ve played it. This clip explains what the game is about Note: I do not condone violence of anykind. I found this reading by Adrienne’s newsletter Hedge Humour in June 20.

Rethinking Creativity


Rethinking Creativity – a tutorial by Ryder Carroll creator of the bullet journal. I often read about the importance of journaling, and capturing your ideas. Rarely have I read what to do with those thoughts and fleeting random ideas. That’s what this article does. Provides advice and how you might want to organise them.

Beef And Dairy Network


This is the first episode and runs for 11 minutes. If this is your type of funny, then we already have so much in common. I found this on Australia’s ABC news website here

The School of Life – Albert Camus – The plague


Runs for 10 min.  I found this reading Madeleine Dore’s Extraordinary Routines updates in April 2020  – It bought me some relief, strange as that may seem. Watch it. Go on…

Links I’ve enjoyed in the past