Explaining mental illness – Children’s Book

CALABI had opportunity to work with Kelly Goodsir author of the children’s book about mental illness ‘My team is a Family’ a story about mental illness. You can see more of the illustrations at dinat.com.au/childrensbook/

It’s a real buzz for me to have worked on this book. The subject matter, although much improved, is still taboo. Many people continue to suffer in silence and do not talk openly about mental illness. To think my art can help to better understand and support those impacted by Mental Illness, is something I’m extremely proud of.

The message behind this book is core to my beliefs. Mental illness cannot be managed without support, whether it be professional, family and friends or (in some cases) medication.

Cover front

If you would like a purchase a copy of the book please visit Kelly’s website: www.kellygoodsir.com.au/#!dandelion-books/h3p29