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I’ve decided I needed more flow in my life, and what better way to do that than with food. So I thought I’d share with you my cooking flow.

Make a plan
Make a shopping list.
Don’t check the pantry to see that I already have half the stuff on the list.
Go to the super market.
Buy ingredients.

Make stuff.

Breakfast covered.
Lunch is covered. Everyone at work is wowing at my meal.

Coffee for breakfast, and lunch is covered.

Unable to eat my lunch cause it taste (and looks) revolting. Buy my lunch – usually deep fried shit.

Continue to buy shit and way over priced food.

Add alcohol.

2 weeks later & 3 kilos heavier ….

Make a plan….


Do you have a cooking flow?

**The receipt is taken from Sarah Wilson – I Quit Sugar for Life



This girl I just adored. She was just so beautifully herself. And Yes – she’s sulking. Which is why I called her Ms Sulky

I hadn’t really noticed Ms Sulky fooling around in the pool with (what appeared to be) her younger (and much thinner) sister. At the time I was blissfully content drinking beer and snorting hot chips, whilst spread(ing) on a beach chair.  I reckon Ms Sulky was about 10 years old – and her sister about 7 years old.

What did grab my attention was when the two girls started to argue. Great, I thought – some entertainment to go with my snacks. Ms Sulky was clearly outraged about something. So much so that she couldn’t bear to be in her sister’s company anymore and stomped out of the pool. And by stomp – I mean stomp – water flying everywhere – she really needed to get away from her – and very loudly at that. Then Ms Sulky found herself a spot on the edge of the pool, slapped her wet bottom on it (which sounded like it might have hurt) and with all her furry sank into her shoulders in protest – long enough for me to draw her.

I so admired her. How she expressed her emotions so openly and had little concern for disrupting (or in my case amuse) those around her. I recognised her. She’s a free and open spirit yet to be constrained by fear of other’s judgement. She hasn’t built herself a mask or set herself rules to conform to what is socially acceptable. I can’t imagine her to be a cunning person, not someone capable of plotting a murder that’s for sure. She simply cannot contain her emotions when an injustice has occurred. It also appeared that she’s unable to stay focused for very long. On anything I suspect. It wasn’t long before her body softened, she raised her head to find a way to re-engage with her sister. And before I knew it she very quietly entered the pool and started to fool around with her sister as though nothing happened.

Looking at that sketch always makes me smile. Here’s to those who show us their warts and all. You make it easier to know you and love you.

You know that rare morning, where you both wake up at the same time, and just chat away. No plans other than picking up your fav. book and sipping that first coffee of the day.

Even as I type this, I hear the voices of protests from others. “At least you can” – “You don’t have kids thats why I can do it” – “I would love to be able to do that just once” and on and on it goes.

And as I type away, I realise just how those comments have the ability to make me feel a little guilty to express those moments so instead I just draw them (and blog about them).

“Well you don’t know what it’s like to have kids”
“They are constantly demanding”
(can you hear that? that’s the constant eye role that comes with all the down sides to having kids).


AUSTRALIA: We say YES to marriage equality

A very proud day for Australia.



It’s been a while since my last post. I have gone back a little to my old ways of illustrating. There’s not much to explain here other than the sheer joy of creating from scratch and having some fun.

I’m trying to depict that moment of friends sharing a moment of laughter. You know that laughter that is instantly contagious when you’re around it? That moment there.