Somethings I’ve come across that have opened my world a little

Indigenous language and perception – podcast (in Australia) – 30 min.
A look into how language shapes our understanding of our world, and how diversity in cultures is linked language. For example there is no word for safety in Aboriginal language. “What we have instead is a lot of different words for ‘protection’, ‘awareness’, ‘alertness’, ‘responsibilities’, all these sorts of things, but particularly ‘protection’… so you have a responsibility to look out for your own safety, so you have to you protect yourself and be alert, but then at the same time you have obligations to make sure you’re watching your brother’s back, and in turn he’s watching yours… in English, the idea of safety, it’s like this abstract thing, it’s a human right that everybody just has. Like you have a right to safety and you have a right to have that provided for you by an institution or an invisible hierarchy that… the boys in blue are going to show up and help you out… You don’t know how they’re providing it but you are supposed to just trust that.” Tyson Yunkaporta 

Preserving the lives of our older people – Tales of Cyprus   When we stop and take the time and care to listen people’s stories, precious gifts and wisdom awaits us. Podcast: Life Matters (in Australia) – 14 min.

How walking makes us wiser: Jono Lineen I’ve read many books about walking and have taken a few longs walks myself. This podcast goes a little deeper to explain how walking benefits us.  (added in July) Podcast: Life Matters (in Australia) – 14 min. 

Comic – How to draw a Horse by Emma Hunsinger “To learn to draw horses, you can’t just want to draw them; you just NEED to draw them.”   Need is something we have little control over. I came across in June this when reading Austin Kleon’s newsletter ‘Getting over creative block’