three things

Three things I’ve come across in the last month that have opened my world a little

How to help a grieving friend – Jun 2019

I came across this when reading Madeleine Dore’s newsletter ‘Extraodinary Routines’

Comic – Am I an adult – by Lucy Gove-Jones Jun 2019 

“Fun is a chore. Really. It’s a job you have to do to stay healthy, like flossing. It just doesn’t feel like flossing when it comes naturally. Right now, for me, it doesn’t. If I want to catch it, I have to set traps.” 

Comic – How to draw a Horse by Emma HunsingerJun 2019

I came across this when reading Austin Kleon’s newsletter ‘Getting over creative block’

“To learn to draw horses, you can’t just want to draw them; you just NEED to draw them.”

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